Zork Server

Do you want your own login credentials for my Zork Telnet Server? If so, please fill out the form below and submit it. Keep in mind I am one guy, and I have a family and a day job. I will process the request as soon as I am able to, but please be patient.

Update: Some people have been having issues connecting and using the Zork Telnet Server with certain terminal programs. Please make sure that you set your terminal type to VT100 or VT102 (or something similar.) I have the server environment set to VT100.

Update 2: I have now loaded many more text adventure games onto the Zork Telnet Server! When you login, you can select your preferred column width, and then see a menu with all of the games assigned a number. Just enter that number, press return (or enter) and that game should load and start.

Thank you.