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The Contest

April 21, 2018

Starting on January 1st, 2018, three retro BBSes all decided to have a treasure hunt contest. In this contest, you had to connect to the BBS and find the hidden password and then email it to the admin of Captain’s Quarters, which is one of the BBSes.
There were many prizes donated to this contest, and one of them was a CFFA3000. This is an interface card for an Apple II that gives you both a Compact Flash and USB mass storage drive and floppy disk emulation. I really needed one of these for my IIgs I was building up and so I set out to solve the three riddles.
I won’t divulge any of the answers here, because I think the contest is still officially running, but I was able to solve all three of them in about 5 hours time. I woke up at my normal early time – 5am, and I set out to win. I was the first person to solve all three puzzles and claim victory. It’s amazing what you can do if you set your mind to it.
For my prize, I chose the CFFA3000 and when it was built the following month, I received it along with this letter:

Here is what the CFFA3000 looks like:

It works very well and is very fast! Much faster than the older media that was original to the Apple II computers.

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