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Uthernet II 2018 Beta

April 22, 2018

Recently, Glenn Jones of a2retrosystems, invited me to be a part of a beta test on his latest revision of the famous Uthernet II interface card. This card gives your Apple II computer a real ethernet connection. You can use it with things like ADT Pro, telnet apps like Spectrum, as well as a variety of FTP, email and a few text-based web browsers. Although I hear that the web has largely outgrown these browsers, I do get good feedback on using it for FTP and Usenet and such. Here is a picture from his slack group of the latest card design:

For me, this is exciting on two fronts. First, I really want to have my IIgs on the network here locally for things like FTP and ADT Pro. Transferring data between my Macs and my IIgs is something that I want to be able to do more efficiently than sneaker-net. And second, I read a few Usenet groups every morning, and I prefer to get my news fix via RSS links. I have not yet found a IIgs program that supports RSS feeds, but I am still looking. Maybe I’ll set out to try to create one. Another dream of mine is to create a graphical MySQL client for the IIgs.

All of these things will be explored once I get the Uthernet II card. I want to say thanks again to Glenn for the invite.

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