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April 21, 2018

My cousin sent me a Craigslist ad recently that was very close to home. It said “For Mac Computer Collectors”. This guy had three Macintosh and one Apple II computers, and an Apple StyleWriter printer, all of which worked when he boxed them up a few years ago. He didn’t want to sell them, but wanted to give them to someone who would appreciate their contribution to the history of computing.
I. Am. That. Someone.
I called him up and he gave me the address. When I got there, they were all boxed up and ready to go. We talked a bit about our careers in IT, he was the first web server host and admin in Washington state. He had a small ISP and repair shop for many years and specialized in Macs. He was now retired and wanted to clean out the shop. I told him about my daughters and how much they like to play retro games and about how much I enjoy anything Apple, but particularly the Apple II and Compact Mac worlds. I thanked him and went back to work.
When I got home and unboxed, I was prepared for the worst. People tell me “it worked when I put it away” all of the time, and things like leaking capacitors or the Maxell Battery Bomb can happen. (See my first blog post.) I set everything up on the workbench and looked over my loot:

The Apple II and the iMac both worked great! The floppy drive that came with the II would not read the disk. It just needs cleaned. I had two spares in the storage closet so I pulled them out and it booted right up. There was a disk in it – Alphabet Zoo. It boots! I’ll have the girls play it and tell me what they think. It looks like an early European model and it had a UHF adapter inside that will send you video output to channel 34 UHF. Weird.

The iMac has OS X 10.4.11 on it, the newest OS it supports. It is a 1.25GHz with 768mb RAM and works like it was brand new. Since it is a bit too new for my collection, I think I will find it a home on the Low End Mac (LEM) community forums.
The two compact macs, a SuperDrive SE and a Color Classic, have issues. Luckily the batteries didn’t explode on them so nothing destroyed inside. But the caps did indeed all leak out and they will both need recapped. I did get the CC to boot from hard disk a few times.

Over all, this was a great score! The IIe alone was an awesome computer to get for free. I paid quite a bit for my first one. So free is good, REALLY GOOD!
I have yet to test out the printer, I’m guessing it will need new ink. I’ll see what I can do there soon.

For now, I’ll be recapping the CC first and will blog it when I do.

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